My name is Wouter Seelaar. Im a Dutch artist currently living in Assen (Holland).
I went to the Academy Industrial Design in Eindhoven and to the Art-academy in Rotterdam for some time, but it wasn't my cup of tea.
Instead I worked several jobs. About  2 years ago I became Bachelor in Psychology.
In my free time I paint and draw what's on my mind.
My drawings reflect daily situations with people that somehow intrigue me.
In my paintings I sometimes also use similar situations, and sometimes I  make compositions based on lines and colors, letters and forms.
If I feel like it, I do assignments.

My artwork is fluctuating and changing, evolving if you like, in style. Sometimes my work is soft, sometimes confronting or capricious.
A lot of works conceal messages like names, faces and dates. On top of that, some work also conceives meaning upside down,
because sometimes I turn my work while drawing and painting.

About my work

The drawings are most of the time 10 or 20 euro a piece. Some of them are not for sale, but feel free to ask.
The artprints are limited editions, mostly 4 prints. A print is 10 to 20 euro. the lasered wood is 25 euro a piece.

The paintings vary from round 100 euro  up to  about 800 euro, shipping costs not included.

The work I expose on my website is photographed  with a smartphone.
When you're unsure whether you like a painting or maybe not, feel free to contact me and make an appointment to visit my artstudio at:

Venestraat 88;  9402GP Assen

for more information  go to the contactpage